Welcome to the blog!

The purpose of this page is to keep track of my independent projects that are not affiliated with any institution. It is an unconstrained space to explore research questions, to express my thoughts, to exhibit my varied areas of interest. Post blurbs are arranged chronologically and each textbox contains a brief summary of what the post is about. You can click on the textbox for each post blurb to view the entire post. Should you have any questions about these posts, feel free to email me at axel.bax@jhu.edu.

5/22/2022 - Adding access to deprecated maps from older projects

This post is providing links to some maps I made several years ago that became inaccessible.

5/12/2022 - New Project: Scraping r/nosleep - Update

This is a very quick update on how my r/nosleep scraping project is going.

3/24/2022 - A Quick Update on My Thoughts on Copyright

A quick update regarding my thoughts on copyright.

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