Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences

In 2020, I co-authored a paper along with Dr. Morlaes and Dr. Firestone in the Journal for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Sustained Perception of Perspectival Shape. My primary responsibility was designing and building the testing apparatus that we used for our novel 'real-world' portion of the experiment, which mimicked the conditions of the earlier experiments that were done online, but had the value of being 3 dimensional rather than constrained to a computer screen. A follow-up paper has also been published in PNAS in response to Linton et al's thoughts.

Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Symposium

In 2020, I also was accepted to present at the inaugural Macksey Symposium, however it was moved to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here I presented my previous research on Billie Holiday's childhood, but with the addition of more extensive mapping regarding current-day crime statistics in Baltimore city. These maps were developed using Baltimore City Government's public data and my own data analysis using R.

I was accepted for another project at the Macksey Symposium in 2021, which was a condensed version of my senior thesis for English. This paper focused specifically on the issue of defining the Early American Gothic genre and how (or whether) it differs from the Frontier Gothic subgenre. Although I used Computational Literary Studies techniques in evaluating this issue, this paper focused less on the methodology than my original senior thesis, instead focusing more on the literary questions.

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