Upon graduation from Atlee High School's International Baccalaureate program, I enrolled as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University in 2017. I am studying English and Psychology, having done plenty of research in each department. Within English, my interests generally center around American Literature, the Southern Gothic, and Computational Literary Studies. I will begin doing research on on Computational Literary Studies for my senior thesis in English Fall 2020. Within Psychology, I have a few different interests; currently, I do research related to visual perception, but outside of research, I also enjoy studying forensic psychology. In addition to these two majors, I participate in a variety of clubs and organizations at JHU, including the English Club, Men's Club Soccer, and Blue Key Society.


I know that soccer might not be quite as important to schooling for some people, but it is such a big part of my life, that it must be mentioned in order to know who I am. I played pretty much since I could walk, my parents being my primary coaches and motivators for most of my childhood. I moved on to play travel soccer as a teenager, and also began playing futsal competitively. Over the course of high school, I played in high-stakes state cups, travelled the East coast, and was the leading scorer (and leader in assists) for a national tournament qualifying U17 futsal team. I was recruited for several Division 3 schools to play, but ultimately chose to focus on academics and take a break from soccer as I started college. Of course, I missed playing, and joined the Men's Club Soccer team, later becoming captain, and I also joined the Baltimore Kings Professional Futsal Team, where I could continue my love for futsal, and even earn some money. With the Baltimore Kings, I once again attended a national tournament, this time for the Major League, where I returned with a second place trophy and a broken wrist.

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