5/12/2022 - New Project: Scraping r/nosleep - Update

This is just a very quick update on the Reddit scraping project.

I've decided to not let this spiral out of control into some monstrosity that never gets finished. Therefore, I'm going to be splitting this project into two (maybe three) smaller ones with the following research questions:

1) How have r/nosleep posts changed over time?
2) What is the strongest indicator of popularity?

I think that I tried to keep these questions together, but they are really going after different pieces of information. For tracking changes over time, I'll want to look at changes in word frequency and maybe use topic modelling to track changes in particular topics over time. I may also do some sentiment analysis, if it seems useful once I start looking at this data. Doing this will also definitely require me to subset the data from Reddit with certain time ranges, which will require me to learn how to use Pushshift for querying posts.

However, for looking at factors relating to popularity, I will need the metadata from the reddit posts I pull, as well as metadata about the authors of these posts. Additionally, it can be helpful to do some word embeddings for these posts to see how they compare in vector space to the entire corpus used. I can approximate this with current/recent data rather than a bunch of pulling historical data (at least to start).

Additionally, the 'daily' updates feature is one that I will also update separately, making this more of a 3 part project.

In terms of the process so far, I found that PRAW has limitations, mainly that I can only pull 100 posts at a time for 1000 total posts. I'm also limited to the reddit categories (new, hot, rising, etc), which means I'm not getting a representative sample over the long-term. PRAW will be useful for gathering the most recent 24 hours' worth of posts (assuming they never exceed 1000). To work around this, I utilized pushshift instead. This allowed me to pull the entire history of r/nosleep going back until its inception in 2011 (minus most of 2013 which was lost to a server error). Pushshift is very flexible in terms of filtering, and so I subsetted with dates, going from March 24, 2011 (the date of creation for r/nosleep) until January 1st 2022. I've mostly finished looking at popularity metrics (no surprise, upvotes is generally the most useful), and I'll be posting that portion of the project soon on its own page.

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