I am well versed in literary analysis, as well as film analysis. I have written on a variety topics, from surrealism in Se7en, to trustworthiness in Moby Dick, to grammatical structure in Emily Dickinson's poems. Currently, I'm writing about Computational Literary Studies, and how the development of that subfield may come to impact literary scholars forever.


I first learned to code in R, performing data analysis for psychology research. Since then, I have learned how to utilize leaflet and ggmaps to perform data mapping. Please visit the interactive maps that I have to explore crime in Baltimore. I also have learned basic skills for html, javascript, and CSS, which aided me in creating this website, as well as my experiment on perception of time for the Mind and Perception Lab (sample experiment soon to come!). I'm currently in the process of learning Python!


In addition to writing and coding, I am also a professional athlete: I play for the Baltimore Kings Professional Futsal team. I also dabble in map making, as you can see on the homepage background, although I mostly do it for artistic purposes rather than the scholarly.

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