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A recent graduate of the class of 2021 at Johns Hopkins University, where I double majored in English and Psychology, my interests are varying and thorough. I did research on perception in Dr. Firestone's lab, which has lead to a co-authored paper which was published in the journal for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as my own independent project related to the perception of time duration. I have also published a paper through the Macksey Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium relating to my senior thesis for English on Computational Literary Studies. currently, I am an Admissions Officer for Johns Hopkins University, although I continue to be involved in the Mind and Perception Lab and the Chen Lab. I also play professional futsal with the Baltimore Kings. You can learn more detail about these activities on the various pages I have by clicking the links or images above.

You can contact me at my email:
Or through LinkedIn: Axel Bax
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